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My first kipping pull-ups. I’ve only been going to crossfit for 9 days!

Colton’s kipping pull-ups! So proud of this boy😘

Crossfit day 7

First full week!
I actually broke a sweat today. But it felt wonderful. It was tough but according to Phil, I killed it! I finished 2nd out of 7, great since I usually finish last!

Warm up:
20 butt kickers down and back
20 knee highs down and back
10 Sampson stretch down and back
10 Spider-Man lunges down and back

Every two minutes for 10 minutes:

Medicine ball cleans

500 meter row (2:10?)
25 thrusters 45/35 (35lbs)
15 pull ups (I did ring rows)
20 medicine ball cleans 20/14 (14lbs)
20 box overs. (I chose box jumps)


started from the bottom now we a little bit above the bottom

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This made my night!!

It’s not Kool-Aid until you taste the diabetes!

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Lorde won a Grammy before she graduated high school. 

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Crossfit day 6!

I had to skip this weekend (Saturday-Monday that is.) because I was out do town, and man did I miss it!
Today’s workout was great!
Warm up:
10 sets of
150m row
10 over/unders
10 air squats
75%x5 (I did 45lbs)
80%x5 (55lbs)
85%x5 (60lbs)
*my max so far is 70lbs
*im not sure if those percentages are accurate. I had to guess and go with it.
10 rounds of
3 dead lifts (95lbs)
6 sto (I chose press at 35lbs)
40 single unders
Time:14:33 EXTRA:
I did the deadlift workout from yesterday since I missed it.
75%x5 (100lbs)
80%x5 (110lbs)
85%x5 (115lbs)
I love this so much. I feel like I’m training for gymnastics again or something. It’s really becoming a part of my workout pretty easily.

Crossfit day 5!

I feel stronger by the day!
Warm up
3 sets of:
10 meter sprint
10 over under
10 push-ups
10 air squats.
Bench press 90x1 
Butterfly sit-ups
Double unders (3:1 if singles)
3 minute rest
1000 meter row for time.
Time: 4:34
My favorite quote today
“I know 2:30 is average time for a row for a girl beginner, but I know you’re stronger than that, get it to 2:10” -Matt
haha, I finished my last 100 meter with a 1:50/500m average. Heck yeah!

Crossfit day 4

Fun day! Learned how to do thrusters and front squats.
10 Sampson lunges.
10 Spider-man lunges
20 high knees
20 ass kickers.
Back squats.
Thruster x ring rows. 21-15-9 @ 55lbs

Crossfit day 1-3

Well Monday was my first day. (August 4,2014) and it was awful. Let me explain:
Warm up:
3 sled pushes (45lbs; down and back is one)
Tech: deadlifts. Then we maxed out. My max was 135x1.
Workout: 1 deadlift followed by 4 burpees jumping over the bar per minute for 12 minutes.
Total of 12 dead lifts at 55lbs for me, and 48 over the bar burpees.

Tuesday August 5 was my second day. Not so bad.
Warm up:
3x each-
10m sprints.
10 Arm rainbows
10 air squats
Max: press. No bounce or jump.
I got to 70x1
Almost 75!! I couldn’t go past halfway. Haha.
Tech: power clings. (Not full extension)
10 power clings, then a partner held a band on you while you sprinted.
10 clingsx10m
10 clingsx20m
10 clingsx30m
10 clingsx40m
And finally
10 clingsx50m

Today’s workout August 6
Warm up:
Knee highsx30
Ass kickersx30
Spider-man lungesx10
the oh so famous filthy fifty (30 for girls! Thank goodness)
50/30 reps of:
Jump squats.
Jumping pull-ups
Kettleball swings
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push press
Back extensions
Wall balls
And double unders
Kill me. It was awful but I felt so good that I completed it at 27:32.

So I’m getting some where. I haven’t been this sore in a long time but it feels great. Colton does it with me too, and he pushes me everyday. I really enjoy it. So I’m into it!!

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who is she?

Rockin body



who is she?

Rockin body

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I wanted to tell you everything. And that hurt because some things were too scary. Some things even I didn’t understand.

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